Analysis Of Boyz N The Hood

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Within the content of this paper, I will be describing the four theories learned from the readings this week. The theory’s that will be covered are Racial Identity Theory, Social Capital Theory, Critical Race Theory, and what Cultural Competency is. I will also provide examples of each theory along with a brief video and movie clips to further demonstrate my comprehension.

Racial Identity Theory Discusses how race is a conceptualized concept most often through stereotypes of different groups with the presence of a systematic structure of racism where the dominant group has placed themselves as superior and all other groups are deemed inferior. This structure often produces a negative impact on same race relations. Identity, according to this theory is created due to psychological enforcement of repeated racial oppression. The movie “Boyz N’ The Hood” demonstrates the effect of this enforced systematic structure and its negative impact on same race relations which lead to the ultimate death of some of the characters in this film (Singleton,1991). The movie takes place in impoverished South Central Los Angeles and depicts scenes of violence perpetrated by gangs against the main characters of the movie. Janet Helms points out that racial theory consists of four models White Identity, Black Identity, People of Color, and the Racial interaction model. She points out that the more an individual becomes aware of the social constructs of race and the racist system the closer

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