Analysis Of Chapter 8 Of The Great Gatsby

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Aldin Hodzic English III The Great Gatsby In Chapter 8 of The Great Gatsby, a lot occurs. I also believe it shows the most meaning. Lots of themes are portrayed in Chapter 8. One of the main themes is the “roaring twenties”, and how it brought everybody a short term closure from reality. The characters were too accustomed to extravagant lifestyles that moved too fast for some, and even causes death for certain individuals. Fitzgerald describes the post WWI era as a great economic boost for America, because of the increase in stocks and such, but just as good as it may have sounded, there was evil lurking around as well. This era was also referred too as a “easy money” era because of bootlegging, while the Prohibition Act was in place. As a result of the excessive alcohol and money, many people turned to drinking to help resolve issues, or just simply pass time. “I have been drunk just twice in my life, and the second time was just this afternoon”. This quote represent tha Nick was very bored while Tom and his mistress Myrtle were in the bedroom, he drank to pass time. What I like about Fitzgerald’s choice of writing is, him showing the dark side of the twenties, and not all fun and games, this ties to reality and modern day society. The quality of people around this time is very poor, people engage with eachother purely based on social class. Nick realizes with what kind of peoples he’s dealing with, and living amongst, and is rather disgusted by it. He
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