Analysis Of Charles DickensGreat Expectations

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Charles Dickens, Great Expectation is a novel about personal development and growth, that portrays in words a process of self-discovery and maturation through experience as a protagonist Pip moves from childhood to adulthood .The novel begins with Pip as a young orphan who is living with his sister and her husband in the marshes of Kent , in the west side of England. Pip is romantic , passionate and has unrealistic expectation of life. He is likely to expect more for himself than he is reasonable.He desires to become a gentleman of higher class . He also wants to improve himself ,both socially and morally. He develops unrealistic hopes and expectations after being introduced to Estella and Miss Havisham. The purpose of this essay is to discuss Pip’s obsession with gentility and class in Great expectation ,analyze the given extract in detail ,the changes in Pip’s character over the course of the novel and the role of his narration in signaling his Moral development.
Pips obsession with gentility and class develops after being introduced to Miss Havishim and Estella. The title of the book itself ‘Great Expectations’ implies a sense of assurance and possibility, throughout his life he remains motivated to improve in all facet of his life At the beginning of the novel ,Pip deals with problems of his childhood ;the absence of his parents who are deceased ,his abusive sister and a sad realization of his short -comings and failure. As the novel moves forward he

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