Analysis Of Cornel West, An American Philosopher And Political Activist

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On Love and Intimacy
Short Paper 3
Riana Nigam
Due Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

“We live in a predatory capitalist society in which everything is for sale. Everybody is for sale, so there is ubiquitous commodification.” This quotation by Cornel West, an American philosopher and political activist, conveys the widespread objectification of human beings in our society. The narrow, traditional image of prostitution has experienced a dramatic shift in the post-industrial American society. Sex workers are not automatically considered to be from low-income, marginalized groups, and instead, they have come to also include individuals from the educated, middle-class category. This demographic transition reveals the gradual
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Consequently, sexual relations between individuals occurred increasingly to satisfy the desire for recreational experiences and less for reproductive and long-term purposes.

The growing inclination to escape the complexities of interpersonal relationships has been reflected by a tendency towards more bounded and delineated modes of sexual contact. This pattern also reveals transformations in the social structure of private and public spheres, as it allows individuals to have the feeling of a genuine sexual experience while still allowing them to bypass the obligations that are often expected or required in a more committed relationship. Bernstein labels this redefinition of sexual intimacy “bounded authenticity,” which entails the sale and purchase of authentic and physical connection, all within the realm of predefined limitations (Bernstein, 127). Bounded authenticity demonstrates how traditional romance has metamorphosed, as it has become centered around recreational sex beyond the confines of the family unit. Moreover, it has contributed to the view of heterosexual male desire as problematic. There is an expectation that heterosexual males engage in sexual commerce to fulfill a need that is left void within the home. However, it is more and more transparent that their participation in this industry is not a replacement for a sex life within the privatized family home, but instead, it is an additional component to it. As

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