Analysis Of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

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The distinctively visual portrays complex individuals AND challenging situations. Ang Lee’s martial arts film,“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”exhibit the complexity of individuals as the different the different values and belief they hold and the contrary destiny they attain. The ambivalence between traditional/repressed woman and rebellious/uninhibited woman and personal desire and restraint is prevailed throughout the film to vividly depict the complexity in individuals. The challenging situations presented in the film include defeating a group of kung-fu fighters and overcoming the death of a lover.
Similarly, the related text, “Phenomenal Woman” a poem by Maya Angelou portray the persona as a complex individual. Complex as in her definition of beauty is not widely accepted by the rest of the society. The persona portrays some aspects of a traditional and uninhibited woman.
The persona also faces challenging situations, where the persona confronts the stereotype of beauty in modern society.

In Crouching Tiger, Jen, a rich aristocrat’s daughter lives in a patriarchal society where woman are expected to behave like all traditional woman and accept the arrangements made by her family.
Her character is complex because she is taught to be obedient and act like a gentlewoman, however, she wants to break the secular confinements so she can live her own life. She is rebellious and is assertive to purse her personal desires.
An extreme close up shot of Jen creates a distinctive
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