Analysis Of Daniel Keyes Flowers For Algernon

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People in the world are treated differently for how they talk, read, look, or smell, when everyone should be treated the same no matter their features. If a person is made fun of because they could not understand what a joke was or how to write, that they would not like to be made fun of. “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes is a story about a 37 year old disabled man named Charlie. Charlie is mentally disabled and he has the chance to become smart because of an operation. Charlie became “friends” with a rat during the testing and the rat’s name is Algernon. Charlie had some weird, bad, and sad experiences like dating, finding out how he is seen to others when he is not a genius, and death because Algernon died because he decreased rapidly …show more content…

Charlie wanted this experiment done so he could get friends and be smart like everyone else. The experiment got done and for a small amount of time he had that connection with everyone. He was able to understand and connect and do things with them and have long conversations and talk about things that every other normal person would do. “Now I’m more alone than ever before.” (Keyes, 235). The experiment went on because it had not gone to it is full extent so he got far from everyone again and was too smart so he had no one to relate to. So Charlie started not being smart enough to be normal around everyone, then he had a small period of time where he could relate, after he was too smart and once again could not relate to anyone and felt alone. The scientist only should have double his IQ so he would just be an average person and be able to relate. This is a risk because Charlie is not being Charlie and nobody knows so now everybody is scared of …show more content…

Charlie wanted to be smart like everyone else but that ended up making him unlikable and far away from everyone, he found out the meaning of love and got into a relationship, but also ended a relationship, and Charlie got a normal life and a knowledgeable brain given and taken away from him. Charlie had many hardships and negatives through this experiment and it hurt more than just himself. People try to change who they are but a person is a person and they are themselves for a reason and other people need them the way they are like other people loved charlie even when he was not smart. People should not have to change who they

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