Analysis Of Desert Places By Robert Frost

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Frost and Loneliness James Sokolowski South University ENG1300 Week 1 Assignment 3 Professor Gabriel Smith Frost and Loneliness Robert Frost is known for winning four Pulitzer Prizes was the Inaugural Poet for John. F. Kennedy in 1961. Some of Robert’s best work came during struggles in his personal life. Some issues he had to face were unexpected deaths of family members, unsuccessful attempt at farming, and having to move in order be recognized. In his poem, “Desert Places,” Frost explains the concepts of loneliness between himself and nature. With Robert Frost’s battle with personal issues and trying to be recognized as a poet, this poem explains the loneliness that he feels and the emptiness that is kept inside. The poem is written in the first person perspective and talks about an experience he felt while walking through an empty field covered in snow. As he states, “All animals are smothered in their lairs” (Frost, 1936, line 6). He takes note that he is the only living creature out and about. He starts to feel a sense of loneliness. He states, “I am to absent spirited to count; the loneliness includes me unawares” (Frost, 1936, line 7-8). Apparently Frost suffers from some type depressive state if he was out walking around trying to find a remedy to his problem. If we take a look environmental stand point, he may be suffering from hypothermia, which could cause an altered mental status in his well-being. Frost lets the loneliness feeling take

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