Analysis Of ' Don 't Judge A Book '

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Sunil Shenoy
Mr. Carmona; MYP 5 Honors English, Period 2
11 October 2015
Word Count: 937
Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Today, in modern society we are commonly told to not judge others for their appearance but only for their personal features and characteristics. While equality is far from being accomplished, inner qualities are appreciated much more and the idea that only the appearance of a person matters has been diminished. However, through the major characters’ personalities and dialogue in both As You Like It by William Shakespeare and A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, a central idea of false appearance symbolically and realistically unifies both plays.

At the beginning of both plays, there is an obvious contrast in personality between Nora and Orlando. After learning that Orlando has beaten the famous wrestler Charles, the audience anticipates that he is a modest yet courageous character. While this achievement depicts him as gallant, his continuous love poems to Rosalind suggest a softer, more sensitive personality. “I am he that is so love-shaked. I pray you tell me your remedy,” he begs (3.2.329-330). This is continually demonstrated throughout the play, which therefore eliminates the previous notion of him. “I would not have my right Rosalind of this mind, for I protest her frown might kill me” (4.1.94-95). Orlando is clearly a more romantic and loving man than understood after the wrestling match, illustrating his true personality. In contrast, Nora is
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