Analysis Of Fantasy Block And Bargain Hunt By Ron Padgett

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“Fantasy Block” and “Bargain Hunt” are just some examples of poems written by Ron Padgett. Ron Padgett is a poet who focused his life into writing poems, editing the poems, and translating poems (Haralson 546). Padgett was a significant postmodern poet that is still writing poetry to this day (Gladstone, Hoborek, Worden 2). He is now considered to be a Twentieth-Century writer with a different style (Gladstone et. al 3). Padgett did not have a clear style of writing since he was not traditional, an avant-gardist, philosophical, extravagant, obscure, surrealist, or minimalist. He wrote his poems without having any particular focus (Haralson 547). His poems were not about himself or about social change or problems going on throughout the world. Padgett’s poems are considered funny, dark at some moments, and occasional because they were based on different occasions at the certain moment he wrote (Haralson 545). According to Haralson, “Padgett is a craftsman of deeply ironic poems about language and poetry, that is, metacomposition packed with visual and ruminative events from the perspective of a comedian-observer directing and imparting the composition” (545). He writes about different topics that his mind takes him whether silly or unexpected. Padgett is a very unorthodox writer when it comes to choosing his writing topics. While Ron Padgett does not take any particular form or style in writing they all take similar forms and in most cases, relate to a bigger message within

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