Analysis Of Farewell Gats In Hamlet

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Sound Design
For the play, Hamlet, the world of the play is set in New York in the 1920s during the rise of the mafia. To help create the world of the play, several songs were chosen to represent the beginning world, climax, and end world; other sound cues were chosen to indicate the setting and mood.
“Farewell Blues” by the Friar’s Society Orchestra was chosen to open the play. This 1920s jazz number indicates to the audience the time period in which the play takes place. The title also represents the opening mood of the play. Old Hamlet had his funeral, and Claudius became the head of the family after marrying Gertrude. Everyone had their chance to mourn, and now they are going back to their normal lives.
While the opening of the play was an upbeat jazz number, the song selected for the climax of the play is more serious. The climax of Hamlet is the duel between Hamlet and Laertes. In the beginning of “Unstoppable” by E.S. Posthumus the music is light before the pace picks up signaling the rising tension as Laertes waits for the prime moment to strike against Hamlet for what he did to his father and sister. As the song continues, the beat gets faster, the drums get louder and more dramatic which symbolizes the battle between Laertes and Hamlet and the unfortunate onlookers who get caught in the crossfire. The music ends abruptly which ends the fight, and everyone is dead. As the music plays softly in the background, Hamlet can give his final lines before dying.
For the end

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