Analysis Of ' Frankenstein ' Dark Elements '

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Reagan Page
Mrs. Schroder
English IV Honors
8 December 2016
Frankenstein’s Dark Elements
Starting in the late eighteenth century, gothic literature rapidly expanded to become a major genre of study. There are many key elements that make a piece of literature gothic, many of these elements are found in Frankenstein. Three of the main elements that categorize gothic literature are extreme landscapes, supernatural manifestations, and intense emotions; these three elements can also be found in Frankenstein.
One common element of gothic literature includes extreme landscapes. Gothic literature uses this key element to explore and emphasize the isolation these characters desire or face. Through the emphasis on isolation, books take on an …show more content…

So, while the location is an element of gothic literature, so is the reason for traveling to that location. The landscape of the summit of Montanvert is the place where Victor Frankenstein runs into the Creature, and the Creature begins to tell his tale. This is the first time in the novel the reader starts to connect with the Creature, a supernatural being.
Supernatural manifestations are a must for gothic literature. These inventions of the mind tend to attract readers, setting this genre apart from all others. Supernatural manifestations make the ordinary seem not so ordinary, which helps add to the overall mystery and suspense of a novel. Gothic literature aims to create the feelings of suspense, gloom, isolation, and thrill; or simply emotions in general. The prime example in Frankenstein comes from Victor Frankenstein’s invention of the Creature. The Creature can be described as essentially a functioning monster, pieced together by various parts to make it work like a human body would. In the time the novel was written, nothing like this had ever been accomplished, whereas in current times, the Creature might not classify as a supernatural manifestation. The idea for the Creature comes from Victor Frankenstein’s love for the field of alchemy. Alchemist study the transformation of matter in the days prior to chemistry. This field intrigued Victor Frankenstein at an early age; therefore, early on in his life he learned and

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