Comparing Frankenstein And The Creature

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At the first glance, Victor Frankenstein and his Creature appear as complete opposites with little to nothing in common. Victor seems intelligent and humane while the Creature’s actions insinuate that he possesses uneducated and monstrous qualities. After becoming more familiar with the characters and their actions, the pair still seem to have a few differences; however, they share some key characteristics. Finally, after analyzing Frankenstein and the Creature’s personalities and habits, it becomes obvious that the two experience a shocking amount of affinities towards one another. These similarities include loneliness and persistence. Other more specific examples involve their inclination towards playing God and their hunger for knowledge. Demonstrated by the many examples provided throughout the novel, the identifiable common traits between Frankenstein and the Creature continuously develop as the reader obtains a greater understanding of their monstrous personalities. The story begins by focusing on the Frankenstein family and specifically Victor who already displays signs of isolation. During his childhood, he withdrew from the usual childish ways of living which separated him from his siblings and peers. As he grew older and more mature, he focused primarily on his education which he later followed to the University of Ingolstadt to study chemistry and natural philosophy. He remained distant from his family there and concerned himself only with his

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