Analysis Of Geoffrey B. Small Is Big On Quality, Customers, Community

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Case Study 1.2 “Geoffrey B. Small is Big on Quality, Customers, Community” is about a leading fashion designer that does not want his customers to think about the brand name, color, style or price of the fabrics they wear. Small’s wants his customers to be “thinking about the quality and origins of the fabrics you wear, their impact on the environment, and your own view of social responsibility as a customer.” Even if the customer cannot afford his clothing he wants them to understand his mission as a designer. Small is based in Italy, first selling his jeans at GAP in Boston. He wants his Customers to realize how much they are actually spending on cheap clothing. People who buy cheap clothes are actually spending more money because the …show more content…

The large corporations might learn that his different marketing tactics work and draw in more customers.
The utility that Small provides for his customers is the fact that this clothing will last for so many years. This allows the customers to save their money. They will not longer have to go buy new clothes as often. The high price reflects another good thing about Small’s clothes, the fabric will be environment friendly and will not fade or shrink like the cheaper clothing items. The price creates the highest quality clothing. He makes it easy for customers to buy from his brand again.
The era of marketing history that best matches the marketing philosophy created by Small is the relationship era. The relationship era focuses on developing long-term valued relationship with customers. In the text it says, “Small views his relationship with his customers as critical to his success, referring to them as the ‘best and only financial backers’ a designer should have.” That’s proof that the relationship marketing technique works.
Social causes that impact the customer relationships would be that Small is trying to make things environmental friendly. Its important to people that the environment is protected as much as possible. It might sound odd that a clothing designer can help the environment but the fabrics used are important. Some fashion designers will use fur for example and they receive

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