Theme Of Faber In Fahrenheit 451

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her. Rather than being supportive, she almost instantly develops paranoia about Beatty, their friends, and the other firefighters finding out about the books. Eventually, she unexpectedly exposes Montag’s possession of the books in their home.
Faber is a character that is introduced into the novel towards the end and is the most relatable character to Montag at this point. "It 's not books you need, it 's some of the things that once were in books" (Bradbury, 78). When Montag reveals to his wife, Mildred, that he is in possession of books, he reminisces back to a year prior when he met Faber in a field. He knew then that Faber also did not support the censorship, but rather, he just didn’t voice his opinion on it for fear of his own life. …show more content…

His encounter with Mrs. Blake shows his compassion for her and the impact that her incident has on him afterwards is very telling of his opinion and his personality. Montag’s relationship with Faber forces him to completely open up and settle in his own opinion of how he feels about the burning of the books and the homes of those who possess them. As the protagonist of the novel, Montag reveals to the audience how important it is to stand on your own, rather than conform to society based on what society makes you think that you must do or how you must think.
Ray Bradbury 's use of censorship in Fahrenheit 451 sends a strong message about freedom that applies to not only the subjects in the non-fiction novel, but also relates to various cultures and societies throughout all of history. It is incredibly ironic how much this relates to today’s society, despite being published in 1950. In 2017, self-censorship has become incredibly prevalent in many aspects. With the rapid expansion and advancement in technology, society as a whole is practicing self-censorship more and more in all aspects of society. Whether it be via the news, on the internet through social media, or simply out in public, it is impossible to not come across some type of censorship and with examples of perspectives that replicate those of the characters in Fahrenheit 451. Social media and the news are filled with self-censorship. For

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