Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Animal Farm '

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Camelot Appling English Honors II Ms.Litos Indirect and Direct Characterization There are lots of difference between indirect and direct characterization. Truthfully, what does indirect and direct characterization really mean? Indirect Characterization: is the process in which the personality of a fictional character is revealed by the characters speech, actions, appearance and so much more. Direct characterization: is when the process in which the personality of a fictional character is revealed by using descriptive adjectives, phrases, or epithets. Last year I read many books that use indirect and direct characterization. I would say that some of the most drawn characterizations were in the novel the Romeo and Juliet. We find indirect and direct characterization in many literature. Also in the book Animal Farm which was written by George Orwell who is a great writer and this book showed me a lot about when it came to direct and indirect characterization. We can find many indirect and direct characterization which would help us understand in depth what the author means and his purpose of writing this novel about animals who take over their farm. These characterizations can basically help you understand more and connect more to the characters of these books. These books that I have chosen have both difficult character to understand but the characterizations can actually help with the problems that you have connecting to the
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