Analysis Of Gilgamesh Fear Of Death

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Gilgamesh fear of death is completely understandable. From the beginning of the story it shows how much power the Gods had over the people. Their main interest was the people having the Kings in higher power. “This was important for the traditional beliefs was that the gods had supplied all that was needed for humans to flourish, cities agriculture, the arts of civilization at the outset of human history, in the antediluvian age.”- george xlvi. The Gods had positive interest in the people but established a right and wrong way for the people to live. Gilgamesh never payed attention to any of this in the beginning. As a King he had a lot of confidence in himself to conquer and change everything around him. Which is what he was mostly known for. Throughout the story he realizes there is one thing he can't change which was one of the saddest point in the story. Death was his greatest burden. Gilgamesh arrogance brought to the brink of self cruelty trying to defy the ways of living the Gods set in place for humans. While reading this story I myself started to understand the main point in the story. We as humans have a choice to either stay in a certain circle for life or wonder the world to see what fits our interest and needs the most. As we find these amazing addition to our being there is one thing we can't fight and that is death. It is bound to happen which brings me to my next point. Gilgamesh had so much faith in himself that he had many relations with women on

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