Analysis Of Given To Fly By Eddie Vedder

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In 1991 when Eddie Vedder wrote and performed his album Ten, he knew he was competing with the big time grunge band; Nirvana. Once it hit the stage it was clear there was no competition. Eddie’s deep, emotional messages throughout this album, his shaky, raspy voice that transfers from screaming lyrics to soft, poetic like speaking. All tied together with his hard to hate persona that can be heard throughout this album and every album made by Eddie Vedder.
In the song Given To Fly Eddie says "He got up out of there, ran for hundreds of miles / He made it to the ocean, had a smoke in a tree / The wind rose up, set him down on his knee." In this verse Eddie is describing his life and how he needs to get away from it all and just have a peaceful break, alone. Vedder likes to use his life in third person in most of his songs to make his message more distant, and almost more easily relatable. The song Given To Fly is actually a second or a reference to the song Going to California By Led Zeppelin and how just leaving might help out more than anything. Throughout the album there are several different songs with an abundance of different meanings. The song, Alive, has one of the deepest messages that is tied to his life personally. The song is about a boy that finds out that who he thought was his father, is actually his stepfather and his real father is dead. Eddie said “the song is a work of fiction based on reality (SK)”. When Vedder was born his mom had left his father and

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