Analysis Of Gloria Jean 's Coffee

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Company Background
Gloria Jean’s Coffee (GJC) is a coffee specialist that serves a variety of quality hand-crafted hot and cold beverages along with pastries. GJC was originated in Chicago, United States in 1979 and it was founded by Gloria Jean Kvetko and Edward(Sweeny, B. 2014). It’s franchising business starts during 1986 and now has more than 358 outlets in Australia, and franchises coffee outlets in 40 markets worldwide (Johnson, S. 2014). In 1995, the Australian businessmen, Nabi Saleh and his business partner Peter Irvine acquired the master franchise. According to (,2015), GJC became an Australian owned brand in 2004 and later transformed into a successful global brand.
1.2 SBU
Strategic business unit (SBU) will affect the long-term performance of an organization. It is a set of objectives that has to be both market and economic oriented, and to be able to adapt to constant changes depending on situations. The SBU or product line that will be focused on is GJC signature drinks, which are their coffee and ice blended beverages. The overall industry that the organisation competes against is the “Specialty Eateries” industry.

2.0 Situational Analysis
2.1 Micro Analysis

GJC offers wide range of menus to cater to both coffee and non-coffee lovers. GJC not only sells traditional espresso but they are also known for its hot and cold signature coffee. According to (, 2015), they provides over 30…
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