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The majority of grandkids consider their grandma a loving figure. Grandma always has the cookies ready for holiday homecomings, she gives kisses and hugs when the grandkids hop out of the car onto the doorstep, and she provides relaxation for the parents. On the other hand, a few Grandmas work their magic a little differently. My grandma, Emma Brunswig, grew up in tough times. Emma’s mother passed away just after Emma’s ninth birthday, causing her to stand as the mother figure for her five younger brothers and sisters. Emma has not had a very easy life, but she has chosen to overcome every rock in her path. Grandma Emma stands as a true inspiration to me, not with her bitter, demanding side; but with a caring, loving side. Grandma Emma’s lifestyle and appearance takes one for a loop. Her house stands slightly dated, and by slightly I mean green, orange, and muddy tan-brown carpet throughout the house, that has remained there since my mom’s baby days. Not only is the house dated, but it smells old, musty and slightly rotten from age and lack of cleaning. Grandma Emma smells just like her house; if one gives her a hug he or she will pick up the scent. On the other hand, if one expects to stroll through the house without knocking a box over, it will not happen. Grandma Emma has a hoarding problem. Physically, Emma cannot move the boxes around, because she has one leg and a stump. The prosthetic leg that my uncle bought her does not fit with comfort, so Emma refuses to wear

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