Analysis Of Growing Up Tethered By Sherry Turkle

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What is technology? Most people would say that things like computers, cell phones, and all other electronics qualify as technology. While this is in fact true, technology is much, much more than just the electronics we are accustomed to. The first tools developed by humans in the beginning of the Stone Age are all examples of technology. The use of fire to clear woodlands is technology. In all, technology is simply anything that we humans have either created or discovered to make our lives better and easier. In Sherry Turkle's "Growing Up Tethered," the addiction people have to their phones and social media is discussed. In her essay, Turkle mentions that technology is creating a lack of separation, it is a distraction, and that it creates anxiety. The essay includes different perspectives through interviews, is very relatable, and backs up its claims with evidence, and this is why I recommend it. “Growing Up Tethered” is a piece written by Sherry Turkle that examines technology and its impact on our way of life. In her essay, Turkle’s focus is primarily on the cell phone. She focuses on how the cell phone works against separation. In today’s society, we are always a tap away from connecting with friends and loved ones. Turkle, herself, is a firm believer in escaping the need to be connected through technology. She argues that adolescents need to disconnect from friends, family, and parents in order to find out about their inner, true-self, and that adolescents need to
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