Analysis Of Home Run Blast

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Home Run Blast is a work of art produced by LeRoy Neiman in the year, 1999. The artwork includes ink blots of various sizes and shades of black. Altogether, the image of a baseball player swinging a bat is evident. Given the title of the work, it is assumed that the action portrayed is that of a major league home run. Due to the absence of vibrant colors and the use of ink blots, the work of art portrays a sense of age much greater than that of its production date. Home Run Blast is able to capture the essence of early baseball through the delicate techniques used to create the work of art. At first glance, it is hard to discern the nature of the artwork, but upon closer inspection, the presence of a figure is evident within the work. The image of a baseball player swinging a bat is noticed after a second, more thorough glance. Immediately, questions are raised as to the content pictured within the work of art. Who is the baseball player shown? What year was this work created? Only some questions could be answered at the site of the work, and Surprisingly, the work was created in 1999. What made this work seem older than its publication date? And why is there such an attraction to a work that quite dull and void of life?
The first aspect that portrayed an early 20th century feel was the color scheme of the work. The work is comprised of several different shades of black, blotched over the white canvas to create the image. The work was created through a technique called

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