Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Iliad '

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Throughout history, men have been traditionally viewed as superior since the beginning of time. Although, throughout this time, women have held many different roles in society. In the Iliad, Homer portrayed the role of women in his time as having a very suppressive role. Women during this period of time and especially in this culture are treated primarily as merely property and were used for producing material within the household. Women were often taken and given as if they were material belongings, due to their lack of choice and their unfortunate circumstances. However, apart from portraying women as pieces of property, Homer depicts in his Iliad that women are sometimes conceived and introduced as suppliants to their masculine heroines. Homer depicts them as being inferior beings to men both intellectually and physically. Throughout Homer’s masterpiece Iliad, women play an important but very modest role that entails their relative significance and the impact they partially have on some of the affairs that take place.

The Iliad began with an argument, which is for lack of better terms, a fight over a girl, between Achilles and Agamemnon over Briseis, who was considered to them a war prize. During that time one of the biggest advantages of the Greek army raiding a Trojan allied town was that were able to ‘loot’ from the town afterwards. They brought back the spoils of the town and whatever they desired and divided them equally amongst the warriors. Agamemnon’s price was

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