Analysis Of Into The Wild By Jon Mccandless

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He gave all his money away from savings, abandoned possessions and became wilderness explorer. After two years, McCandless found out he has some potatoes seeds that he brought from South Dakota. When Jon Krakauer documented McCandless’ adventures and ultimate demise in an article which appeared in Outside magazine in 1993, many readers react he live by himself don’t want to live with parent. He thought out he want his life to be free, do what he want to do and don’t need anything. He enjoy his life when he make the decision to go to Alaska into the wild. Carry that idea along the way to Alaska, the place he want to reach too. In the subsequent book Into The Wild Krakauer say about Chris McCandless it is immature and ignorant when he walk into the wild. In the book Into The Wild written by Jon Krakauer, the character named Chris McCandless was a well educated person and grown up in a wealthy family. He has graduated with honor from Emory University. Yet, he decided to drop out of sight and went to the wilderness alone. He also want to have a new life so he has changed his name into Alex because he does not wanted his family or policies to find him. McCandless was foolish because he did not carefully prepare, he abandon his family, and he was overconfident.
McCandless was under prepared for his adventure into the wilderness at Alaska with ten pounds of rice and very little equipment. He has ran low on food despite carrying a rifle because he did not expect the big challenge in

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