Analysis Of Is College Worth It

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Students often leave high school with the mentality that they must enter a college. However, in the book, Is College Worth It?, by William J. Bennett and David Wilezol debates the positive and negative aspects of attending college. It is not known which was the first university to appear in the United States, but the most notorious college to be established in the 1600s was Harvard University. Since the 1600s, colleges have only been increasing in an abundant of states in the United States. Unfortunately, Bennett and Wilezol, first two chapters introduce the negative aspects of college; and, chapters three and four are universal arguments that go against each other. The final chapter reveals the author's opinion on colleges. In the first…show more content…
At few universities, like Harvey, Mudd, and Stanford (...) But at many others the price only masks poor academics and training” (pg 23). As mentioned earlier, some colleges just increase prices because they know they will make easy money off of the huge debts students will rack up when they finish college. It is also important to know that the interstates relationships does require that the States give equal rights and treatment to residents within the United States, but the States can manipulate the system by controlling tuition fees for colleges. This is especially unfair for residents who are attending a college from another state. However, in Chapter Three of the book, the authors mention the benefits of going into college. According to the authors, “(...) Americans are applying for college is that by a variety of measures -as alluded above- workers with college degrees earn more money than those with only high school diplomas” (pg 75). I find this information valuable because students can pay off their debt with the high income job they will receive. The authors also state, “ (...) a mean annual wage for an electrician was almost $53,000 a year, but a master electrician can earn an excess of $100,000 per year” (pg 80). I have seen students work right after they graduate, but I never knew that the college diploma would make such a heavy impact on price differences. Not only is attending a college beneficial for
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