Analysis Of Jack London's To Build A Fire

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In Jack London’s short story, To Build a Fire, there is an unnamed man who is trying to make it back to his camp in the freezing weather of the Yukon. The man travels only with a sled dog and himself in the 50 degree below zero weather. Throughout the short story, the man struggles to survive as he soon realizes the temperature is actually severely dangerous at 75 degrees below zero. In the end, the man ultimately dies before successfully reaching his camp due to not being able to build a fire on time to stay warm. While laying on the cold ground finally accepting his death, the man thinks back to before he went out an old man warned him of the dangers of traveling alone out in this kind of weather. He accepts he was wrong to not head the …show more content…

Throughout his entire journey back to his camp, the man would show ignorance when he didn't understand how cold the weather really was. He would continually think to himself how it’s just a little bit of cold. It'll only cause some pain and discomfort. Nothing too dangerous or life-threatening. Due to his inexperience in this freezing weather, mixed in with his ignorance, the man’s death was certain. “Once in a while the thought repeated itself that it was very cold and the he had never experienced such cold. As he walked along he rubbed his face and nose with the back of his mittened hand. He did this without thinking, frequently changing hands. But, with all his rubbing, the instant he stopped, his face and nose became numb. His face would surely be frozen. He knew that and he was sorry that he had not worn the sort of nose guard Bud wore when it was cold. Such a guard passed across the nose and covered the entire face. But it did not matter much, he decided. What was a little frost? A bit painful, that was all. It was never serious.” (London 68) Comparing the man with his own dog, the reader is able to see a massive difference between the the master and pet. The man isn’t worried in the slightest about the weather causing any sort of damage to his own health. On the other hand, the dog’s instincts are at full capacity alarming the dog that it is extremely dangerous to be in this type of weather, and

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