Comparing John F. Kennedy's Address, 50 Years On, And

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John F. Kennedy once said, “the energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it-and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.”, impactfully affecting citizens around the world. Furthermore, these were some of the famous words contributing to the start of a new era. While comparing John F. Kennedy’s Address, Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration, 50 Years On, and the documented photo of Kennedy swearing in, a conclusion can be drawn that styles of the three documents convey the legacy the famous, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Ongoing themes of patriotism, progression, international support, and a new era throughout Kennedy’s inauguration speech portray his legacy. Also contributing …show more content…

Powerful connections are made to the audience with figures of speech. These connections portray a dramatic effect, making the audience remember and trust his words. Short sentences help Kennedy to formally transition new ideas of progression. Along with his sentence structure, his word usage helps the audience to connect with new ideas. “United there is little we can’t do… Divided there is little we can do”, Kennedy uses parallelism to create a deeper meaning to his words by framing words with structural similarity. Throughout the speech, the use of bold beginnings like “let us” strongly show unification as a country when speaking of progression, making the audience feel more connected.
While Kennedy's speech uses sophisticated diction, Eleanor Clift's essay, Inside Kennedy’s Inauguration, 50 Years On uses imagery. Imagery throughout Clift’s essay shows her style and helps the reader to imagine the significance of President Kennedy’s inauguration. Thoughts of important figures who were present at this event are used to show legitimacy. “The snow fell heavily and steadily, covering Pennsylvania Avenue with an eight-inch white blanket”, the use of imagery tied in with flashbacks helps the reader imagine the event. The documented photo causes a similar effect on the audience. From seeing figures smiling at Kennedy, the reader can conclude that his

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