Analysis Of John Greene 's Our Stars

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Pain and suffering often go hand-in-hand; this, of course, has helped the characters from The Fault in Our Stars by “John Greene” develop stronger relationships with one another and evolve to be more mature: pre-maturely growing in a sense. Plot development within this story is rather deep, progressing towards an increase in maturity within the lines as we go further on. The main point that stands out to be within this is suffering, not just because of the emotional abuse the characters are put through, but as well as the distraught it will have on them in the future. It seems that within the rather painful story-line, there are many different themes. This story is also about temperance and virtue, but I would like to concentrate on the importance of this one for now: The two main characters in this film or story can represent pain and suffering. Usually contrasting each other, these two fit well together since they are very alike meaning this could be why these two people are placed together as a couple, like a jigsaw. In this, we are taught just how amazing something can be to build and how much work you put into it, but, on the other hand how something can be so easily destroyed and how it can fall down to your feet within a couple of moments. Not many people come to realize this until it 's too late, but these two obviously know before the time comes. Maybe that 's what makes this so emotional to the readers. Unsurprisingly for a novel about kids dying of cancer,
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