The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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The theme of suffering will be talked about throughout this essay. Even though it isn’t the most pleasant topic to talk about, it is part of our lives. The dictionary defines suffering as “The state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.” This essay will examine suffering and how it shows up in different printed sources, as well as in my personal life.
In the book, The Chosen, by Chaim Potok, suffering is seen from the beginning of the book and it continues to show up throughout the entire book. In the beginning, the theme of suffering shows up when Reuven’s eye gets injured while playing football. The injured was caused by one of the players from the other team when all of a sudden, a softball slams into Reuven’s left eye. After the …show more content…

Danny’s father feels like this silence will make Danny become a better individual and teach him about compassion. However, Danny’s father does not realize how much this silence hurts Danny and how it causes him suffering. Even though Danny isn’t suffering physical pain like Reuven did in the beginning of the book, he is however, suffering emotionally, which to some extent, hurts just as much, if not more than physical pain. For a long time, Danny doesn’t understand his father’s methods of interacting or treating him like the reason why he won’t talk with him outside of their faith. Danny asks himself the “why,” but still doesn’t have any answers. Throughout the book, both Reuven and Danny go through suffering. Even though their suffering is different, it does not lessen the pain that they each face throughout this book.
Personally, I think I can relate to the suffering that Danny went through. Years ago, when I was a child and in my early teens I struggled so much with my relationship with my father. Just like Danny, I never had a good communication with my dad. If he ever talked to me it was to make me feel bad about myself if I did something wrong. If I wanted to share great news with him regarding to my school grades all I received was silence. My father’s actions towards me were hurtful. Even though I now know the reasons for his actions it still causes me suffering because I wish my childhood could have been more

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