Analysis Of John Locke 's ' The ' Of The Golden Era ' Essay

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During the course of history there has been brilliant men who have accomplished amazing feats that help cement their names for centuries. Aristotle was a man who opened the gate to the world of science. Marco Aurelius was a man with all the traits of a phenomenal thinker and leader, and so he is regarded as the Emperor of the “Golden Era”. Leonardo da Vinci opened the door to the Renaissance and William Shakespeare treated us to the best writings and plays in the English language. Likewise, John Locke is a man who accomplished what many men could not. He single handedly developed a political system that had a focus on liberty, his work would help influence many men from both sides of the Atlantic. Aside from being a brilliant political theorist, Locke was an author who wrote many outstanding writings. He is remembered as being one of the best English philosophers of all time, and rightfully so. He was a man who opposed the unpleasant rule of absolutism and helped situate the age of enlightenment as an intellectual movement that sought to solve, social, economic and political problems. John Locke was born on August 29th 1632 in Wrington, Somerset in England. The son of John Locke Sr, and Agnes Keene, Locke Sr was an attorney and clerk to the Justices of the Peace in Somerset, who enjoyed his work despite being “held in small respect”. After his son birth, the family moved to the village of Belloton, it is here were Locke grew up as a child. Locke attended Westminster

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