Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's ' The Two Lives Of The English Language And Human Thought Alike ' Essay

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Joseph Conrad is a master of the English language and human thought alike, his written work serving as living evidence of how well Conrad’s mind allowed him to construct such powerful imagery and word play from a language that he had not fully grasped himself until he was an older man. Originating in Polish Ukraine, Conrad was born in 1857 as a young man who dreamed much further than those living in his society, to leave his village to become a sailor and see all parts of the world. His family was very against this idea, as he would likely never be welcomed back to his home country. Leo Gurko discusses in the second chapter of his book, The Two Lives of Joseph Conrad, that his family was very regularly trying to talk Conrad out of being a sailor, as the country was in need of young working men and it would have been a betrayal to leave for his own interests, yet it did not stop his ambitions. This only drove him further towards the man he would one day become, Marlowe. Conrad’s extensive knowledge of language is a large part of what allowed him to be able to travel, his understanding of French was essential for working alongside the Belgians in the Congo( Gurko 71). His love for Shakespeare, which had been introduced to him at eight years old by his father (Lynn Alexander), would lead him to study and understand the English language. His experience in the Congo along with his obsession of the English language built the base for what would be later transformed into his a
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