Analysis Of Kenneth Slessor 's Poem ' Five Bells

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Good morning everyone, today I will be discussing Kenneth Slessor’s poem, Five Bells in relation to its message about mourning and mortality.

Humans. We are complex beings that are constantly filled with curiosity. No matter where we are, how old we are or what we do, one thought always comes to mind. What life are we going to have? Short? Long? Good? Bad? We may never know but

Mourning and mortality is a constant concern that transcends time. Slessor’s poetic treatment of these ideas continue to engage readers as it evokes a sense of awareness. This is evident in Kenneth Slessor 's poem Five Bells as the persona 's grief for his deceased friend, Joe Lynch causes him to realise the significance of time and the strength of spiritual attachments. This further leads him to question the purpose of human life.

Slessor’s poetic treatment of mourning and mortality clearly display that the significance of time is never truly realised until an individual has experienced great grief. This is clearly demonstrated in Five Bells as the persona did not recognise the value of friendship until it was gone. "Five bells coldly rung out in a machine 's voice", the use of the word coldly highlights that time is emotionless. It does not turn back nor move forward on our command and the persona was too late to recognise how much Joe meant to him. "Unimportant things you might have done, or once I thought you did", the regretful tone evidently demonstrates the persona 's guilt for not
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