Analysis Of King David 's Court

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It was Prince Gabriel, who had broken rank first, sauntering forward with all eyes on him. He humbles himself when standing across from the king, their fight, a distant memory. “Our focus needs to be on protecting our people and our kingdom,” he declares and asks. “What happen during your time at King David’s court?” King Robert recounted his tale, in which his brothers were not surprised by King David’s trickery. “The body we believe was of someone who had perished a week prior.” “Do you believe the Shadow is alive?” Prince Fabian said. In which point the king replies, “I don’t know.” “Have you spoken with the Seeker? Has he explain why King David would conceal the Shadow from you?” he queries. “King David must’ve known his deceit will be uncovered.” “Soon,” the king responds, sliding his eyes to a quiet Gabriel. “Brother, what’s wrong? You make me feel uneasy when you’ve been silent for this long.” All eyes bounce to him. “Brother, do you know something?” Fabian inquires. Gabriel’s eyes scan the room, before landing on the king. He has an answer to Fabian’s question, one he is not too thrilled with revealing, how he pertain this knowledge. His thick brows bend inwards, as he bites his lower lip. He felt as if he was chain to a wall-like a servant being tortured for the whereabouts of his master. He knew he needed to speak, no matter the consequence to himself. His brother, King Robert, is in a dire situation, and for once, needed his unorthodox ways of attaining
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