David and Goliath Analysis Essay

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“David and Goliath Analysis” In the story David and Goliath there is a great lesson to be learned. The story shows that you should never underestimate your opponent and be prepared for anything. David’s own intellect and knowledge of his own abilities enabled him to become the smaller, but stronger opponent. It all comes down to who is the better leader. David was a young shepherd boy who watched over the sheep while feeding and keeping them safe from the lions and bears. While watching the sheep David would spend many moments speaking to God and playing a harp. David’s brothers were at the battlefield and one day he was “sent to the battle lines by his father to bring back news of his brothers.” (Fairchild, 2012) David was not afraid …show more content…

Goliath laughs at the size of David while David is confident with God by his side. David then uses his sling-shot to launch a stone at Goliath’s head which knocks him down on his face. The giant fell allowing David to take his sword and behead Goliath with it. David took advantage of Goliaths mistakes. He underestimated David’s ability and failed to move out of the way of the rock. If you are prepared for all obstacles and keep an open mind you are more likely to come out victorious. David’s own intellect and knowledge of his own abilities made Goliath the smaller, but stronger opponent. This story can be related to the difference between WW1 and WW2. During WW1 trench warfare was used. Trench warfare is a ditch dug out of the ground to give troops protection from the enemies. The soldiers used machine guns, mustard and chlorine gases and smokeless gunpowder to ward off the enemy. Machine guns were the main weapons used by soldiers. However “they needed 4-6 men to man them” (Tasker, 2012) and had to be positioned on a flat surfaces. When the mustard and chlorine gases were released the soldiers had to take great precaution to not breathe it in because the result is immediate death. These trenches also carried many diseases and rats making it a harsh condition for soldiers. By the time of WW2 also known as the “Cold War” the atomic bomb was invented. The atomic bomb has the ability to take out an entire city. Russia and the U.S. achieve nuclear equality

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