Analysis Of Lana Del Ray

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Lana Del Ray, formally known as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, is an American singer who grew up in New York until moving to New York City in 2005 to pursue a music career. She first received widespread attention in 2011 from her music video for her single “Video Game.” Later, her career took off after her major label debut “Born to Die” peaked at number two on the United States charts where her hit song “Young and Beautiful” was featured in the 2013 film The Great Gatsby. Lana Del Ray tells the classic love story of true love verses wealth by writing “Young and Beautiful”. The song highlights the internal struggle of the girl who put the story into play though the insecurity of her relationship. She forces herself to put on a façade although in actuality she is only hopeless.
The theme of this song is the obsession with the golden age of being young and beautiful. It confronts every women’s concern of growing old is the fear of not living your youthful period of life to the fullest. This song correlates to the movie the Great Gatsby where Daisy is highly sought after by two men when she was young: One, a poor boy going off to war, and another, full of riches an heir to a fortune. The song demonstrates her wealth at the beginning of the song, “I’ve seen the world, indicating that she is accustomed to a high dollar lifestyle. She foreshadows that she needs to be with someone of wealth in order to maintain the life she is acclimated to and for approval from her family. The

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