Analysis Of Lean Production Delivery System

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Executive summary The aim of this report is to carry out the in depth analysis of Lean production delivery system. Firstly the history of LPDS is discussed followed by its principles, theory, processes and tools. The differences and similarities between current project management systems and LPDS are observed. Observations are also made on the strengths and weaknesses of both the systems. How both the systems provide an end value to the customers is also explained. Introduction to Lean Production Delivery System Initially the manufacturing companies around the world focused on the output and carried out the production process where everyone worked on a single product and then moved to the other product which was time consuming. The manufacturing companies could not meet the demands as time taken to produce is high. Henry Ford of the Ford car manufacturing company introduced assembly line system and mass produced cars as the demand for cars at that point of time was high. This drastically reduced time to produce them. He hired people and trained them to specialize in a single field. Thus different people worked on different fields according to their specializations which improved the efficiency and speed of production. In the early 1900’s Toyota Production System (TPS) of Japan tried to use the same method but was not successful as the market demands were different. It then introduced Lean production system which focuses solely in providing greater value to the customers and

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