Analysis Of Light Through Friendship : Light Through Friendship

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Light through Friendship

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”―Helen Keller

He jumped through hoops and followed as he was taught, to lead, listen for commands, and behave in a pleasant manner. While he trained hard and was praised for his obedience, he remained without an owner. This left him feeling wistful, for he longed to feel appreciated, and he believed friendship would offer him that.

Kathleen sighed heavily. She longed to know for herself what shade her dress was or whether the sky was a bright blue or a dull grey. These small details, they disturbed her to the point they became all she could think about. Since she did not have the answers to the smallest of questions, she feared she’d never see the world for what it truly was. She yearned deeply to find light through the darkness that surrounded her, to be released from the restraint of her lack of sight. If only there were a way to be brought out from the darkness and into the light, but what, Kathleen wondered, or who could ever offer her that?

He wanted to have a home, to be there for someone and to have someone be there for him. . . . He ached for a true friendship.

Kathleen and her mother strolled through the park. Suddenly, a furry creature jumped onto Kathleen.
“Kathleen, are you all right?” questioned her mother.
A smile took over Kathleen’s face. “It’s a dog, right, Mom?”
“Yes. I wonder why it’s not on a leash. . . .”
A man appeared as soon as these words left
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