Analysis Of Living With Roaches And Mold In Skid Row Is My Home

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In this week's reading and video assignment, I learned a lot about living as a low-income individual on the streets and in substandard housing. In the article “Living with roaches and mold in run-down apartments risks illness, injury” the author, Barbara Anderson, argues that living as a low-income individual affects your health in many ways including mental state. Anderson addresses how people living in substandard housing acquire many health conditions based on the wellness of the house. Homes being in substandard condition is seen as having mold, pests, and punctured screens that will let in insects with infections.An infected mosquito can come in through a missing screen and give people infections with one bite. Parents are overrun with stress because of the harmful conditions their children and themselves are enduring. The author uses many studies including The Los Angeles Study as evidence to show how tenants were found physically and mentally ill with respiratory issues, viral infections, and stress because of the conditions of the house. In the video “Lost Angels: Skid Row is my Home,” more than half of homeless people living on Skid Row are mentally ill. Many went to an asylum for help, but were rejected or had to leave. Much of the suffering endured by these homeless people is due to the government not understanding them. The video shows a man cleaning the streets because the “city refused to clean the streets of Skid Row” (9:57-10:00). Although no solution was

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