Analysis Of Margaret Atwood 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Living in a world where people are free and have the opportunity to be individuals is a world that Margaret Atwood’s main character, Offred, currently is having a hard time remembering. Thanks to her point of view we are able to see and understand what it must be like to live in the kind of world where life can mean so little to one. In this case, this group of people includes the ones that hold power in the government. This book makes one take a step back and look at what oneself is doing so that the reader can avoid everything that Offred had to deal with in her new life. For her life was not always like the way it is now in Gilead. She had rights, she had freedom, and most of all she had happiness. Over the years everything has changed and the people who have been most affected by this would be all women. They have become objects, tools, and instruments in which they are used to make their government prosper. Holding on to hope that one day things will go back to normal is no longer a thing that women can keep in mind. They worry about surviving, making it through until the next day, and never hearing or saying anything that they are not supposed to say or hear. In their new reality they try holding onto the past and who they really are, but the world they live in now is making that extremely hard. Day by day Offred explains to the reader how she manages to get by, but meanwhile we are also able to see the old side of her and can see that as every day passes it starts to

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