Analysis Of Mark Twain 's Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer addresses the fear of the citizens of the newly reborn nation after the war between the states and what changes await for them, in correlation to the children as the fearful citizens and their exposure to society or the adult world as the reborn nation. Children fear of what lies ahead in the adult world as the citizens of the reborn nation fear what exists in a united nation. Twain’s sepulchral imagery conjures up the spine-chilling mood of a child when faced with a part a ugly truth of reality, which hints at the agitation of the citizens after the war between the states. In addition Twain’s incorporation of religion serves to amplify the metaphorical value in the need to face the truth as evidenced …show more content…

The tone of characters throughout the narrative, amplifies their personality and their character. In the text, it mentions: They continued to whisper for some little time. Presently a dog set up a long, lugubrious howl just outside-- within ten feet from them. The boys clasped at each other suddenly, in an agony of fright. “Which of us does he mean?” gasped Huckleberry... Tom, quaking with fear, yielded, and put his eye to the crack. His whisper was hardly audible when he said: “Oh, Huck, it’s a stray dog!”... “Huck, he must mean us both-- we’re right together.” “Oh, Tom, I reckon we’re goners. I reckon there ain’t no mistake ‘bout where I’ll go to. I been so wicked.” (69-70) This dialogue between Tom and Huck transpired in an abandoned tannery after they escaped from the terrifying scene. In the tannery, Tom and Huck swear oath to never say or mention anything they just saw. Right when they try to calm themselves, they hear a stray dog howling outside. They believe that the person the stray dog howls at will eventually die. The dialogue exchanged between the 2 boys, project a clear character of both Tom and Huck. Throughout the narrative, Tom’s character shares between a mature and immature side. His actions are sometimes adult-like while other times, he acts foolish like a child. This dialogue exenturent the immature and childish side of Tom. In this scene and at heart, Tom exists as a child slowly diluting into society and the adult world.

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