Analysis Of Medea

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The first person point of view can be found in the beginning of the work, for example, when Medea says “I hate this life…” (Puchner, pg. 532, line 150). By Euripides using the second person point of view, it allows the readers to connect to the characters on a more personal basis for example, Medea says “… you’ve made threats…” (Puchner, pg. 536, line 294). An example of the third person point of view is Medea telling Jason that “he’s such an idiot” (Puchner, pg. 537, line 379). By there being multiple narrators, it allows each character to serve as an individual narrator telling their views to the readers. The work also has monologues and soliloquies like when the nurse informs the readers about what’s happened to Medea (Puchner, …show more content…

The language in this piece is very evident that it’s from the classical period which was known as the golden age of literature. This period was known for art, philosophy, architecture, literature and monuments. Socrates was the main philosopher known in that time due to his teachings to his student Plato that consist of dialogues. In the work, whether Euripides was trying to show women that they did have a voice and go against Ancient Greek culture or not, his piece showed women that they control their own body, and actions. The work doesn’t mention Medea and Jason’s children but maybe a couple times, but the children represented what was once a loving relationship between Medea and Jason. That is why Medea took revenge on Jason by killing them to satisfy herself for what he had done to her. Medea’s character plays a strong feminine role that shows a women standing up for herself and making her own choices even though some of them may have been wrong. At first she is portrayed as a sad lady who just got her heart broken because her husband left. Then she becomes a strong lady who takes charge of the situation and fights back for what she believed would heal her broken heart. Jason’s character can be considered evil, because even though he showed weakness, he was the one who abandoned his wife to marry a princess, so he basically started the whole situation even though Medea took her revenge too far. All in all, even though Medea killed her own children it was a

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