Analysis Of Mental Illness In Call It Sick Minds By Patricia Mccormick

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Mental illness is not a joke. It is an unseen killer that attacks it host from within. Instead of giving them a fever or throwing up, it attacks the brain making them see in red or blue. It can take in all sorts of forms from depression, anoxic, to addiction, each can be deadly. So how does one relieve themselves from these pains? From taking pills, throwing up your own meals, to talking a blade to your wrist, giving yourself a rush as the blood pours out? Self-treatment for your pains can only go so far, eventually someone will find out, and then ship you off to the loony bin.

Callie is a cutter. When the school nurse found tiny scares all over her wrist while talking her plus, she instantly called Callie’s mother who sent her to Sea Pines. Sea Pines, or as the “guests” call it Sick Minds, is a place for teenage girls go to “get better”. They have a system level of 1, 2, and 3. Everyone start out on level 1, where you had to get escorted everywhere by a staff member of a level 3. Anywhere from going to the bathroom, Landry room to the vending machine in the hall. A level 2 can walk around by themselves, and a level 3, the people who will …show more content…

This was her first novel for teens titled about a girl who self-harms herself. Callie is a typical teen girl who started cutting herself for an event that was not her fault. The interesting part of the story was it was told from Callie’s point of view, yet the reader was the therapist. Whenever Callie visit the therapist it changed from “Callie talked to Sydney” To “Callie watched as you moved your pen in the upright position.” The story besides that cool part was lame and short. It self as if everything was rushed as the story was about 150 pages long. With only three chapters you couldn’t really get a feel for Callie and find out the deep personal connection with her, and find the depressing mental connections of why she

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