Analysis Of ' Monster On The Loose '

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Rodrigo Garcia
Dr. Summers
13 October 2017
Monster on the Loose
During final’s exam week, students tend to procrastinate and stress out. This results in lack of sleep. With that, this leads to the consumption of an energy drink, such as a Monster. This product made its debut around 2002. From there, the production rate has skyrocketed its sales in the 20th century. The Hansen Beverage company is the owner of this product and has been accused of many health-related problems, and despite their increase in sales each year; their price is similar to any other beverage making it inexpensive. One of the reasons why sales increase is because of the unique taste it has makes it addictive. However, people should consume responsibly
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(June R. Para 5) The majority of the people who like this drink is because it’s taste in soda. The reason why the Hansen Beverage Company is a success because of their variety of energy drink flavors. This gives the consumer a wide range of satisfying Monster products to try. Despite, its ingredients, most people prefer the original flavor (green) because it has an original taste of an energy drink.
Moreover, if a person decides to buy a Monster, any grocery and convenience store has this product on their shelves. The price ranges from $1.50- $2.50 making it a bit more equal with other beverages. Many consumers purchase this beverage because it has a similar price to any other beverage and once this product is consumed an addiction can happen. That is because Monster contains excessive amounts of caffeine. In fact, “consuming only 100 g of caffeine daily overtime can turn it into a habit.” (UHN Staff Para.1) Unfortunately, the price does not keep people from purchasing Monster. “The reason why Monster’s prices should increase is because it’s killing America’s youth because they can’t cope with the ingredients.”(Gosliner, Crawford, &Wendi Para.1) If that is the case, the price of a Monster should increase to prevent addiction and death in teenagers. Aside from that, a normal beverage is much more
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