Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's ' The Scarlet Letter '

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Junhee Chung A.P English Language August 20, 2015 Novel Analysis Assignment The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Plot and Conflict The Crucible is a story that revolves around the Salem Witch Trials. The novel takes place in Salem Massachusetts in 1692. It starts off with the local pastor, Reverend Parris, catching a group of girls, one of them his daughter and one of them being his niece, practicing witchcraft in the woods. Abigail is the leader of the group of girls, and her motive for the whole occurrence is to get revenge on Elizabeth Proctor for being kicked out of the house. The story presents itself in a much more complicated manner. Abigail was caught cheating with John Proctor, Elizabeth’s husband. She tells him,“You loved me, John Proctor, and whatever sin it is, you love me yet!” but he tells her to forget him. After being caught, fear grips the group of girls, allowing them to blame anyone they don’t like. The girls, with their newfound power, abuse it with grudges. The main plot is formed from the fear that grips the townspeople, as they are afraid of their secrets being exposed. Elizabeth talk to John about his affair with Abigail saying that he should confess and call her out with the accusation blasphemies. Soon after, Elizabeth is arrested for witchcraft. Reverend Parris calls Reverend Hale, who is an expert in witchcraft, to investigate. 91 people who are accused by the girls are arrested under the authority of chief judge Danforth. Soon, Mary and

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