Analysis Of No I Do Not Want To Pet Your Dog By Farhad Manjoo

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In the article “No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your dog,” by Farhad Manjoo, the author deeply expresses his negative opinion towards dogs and their oblivious owners who believe that everyone's a dog lover. The overall theme of the essay illustrates the lack of responsibility for dog owners have for their pets as they run ramped through dog free zones. Manjoo deeply expresses his opinion, although lacks some key supporting points and formulates mostly upon personal bias. With that in mind, I strongly disagree with the author and believe that his main points does not accurately portray the issue related to dogs. ………..

To begin with, Manjoo’s arguments against dogs and their owners don’t appear logical and rather sound more as a rant in attempt to get his point across. More specifically, I found Manjoo’s arguments rather abrupt towards the beginning while he stated his one-sided opinion, rather than considering and addressing those who many disagree with him. In doing so, Manjoo may have attracted a portion of the audience of who agrees with him, while he only repels those with a neutral or positive view towards dogs, with his negative and irrational tone. For instance, when Manjoo stated “No explanation was offered for the pooch’s presence, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to have a dog in a place usually reserved for human beings. Huh, I thought (224).” In his claim, Manjoo comments that dogs are found in places “usually” reserved by humans, the word

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