Analysis Of Nothing Gold Can Stay By Robert Frost

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This poem was written by Robert Frost in 1923. It was published the first time in Yale Review in October. The poem was published in Frost's original language, English. The significance of this poem is it was written during a time period with war and most people thought that the world was coming to an end. The poem isn't apart of any series. Although this poem is short, it is a narrative poem. The reason it is a narrative poem is if you read between the lines, you find that it tells a long story about his life and what was happening during this time. The title of the poem Nothing Gold can Stay doesn't have an obvious meaning. If the readers start out, they would think it was about nature, but Frost is talking about his time in war with Germany and how the country thought that the world was coming to an end. The readers have to read between the lines to get the real story in the poem. If you look a the poem very closely, than you can see that his way of writing the book is very good because many people could look at it a hundred different ways and find a good story out of it. There isn't a lot of repeating words in this poem, but one of them is "gold". The reason it is a repeating word is because, gold in the poem represents the world. In the time period when this poem was written, everyone thought that because of the war, the world was coming to an end. So when he says " Nothing gold can stay", the word gold is referring to the world. Although this poem looks like it is talking about nature, it is really talking about hard times and how the world is about to end. The poem starts out saying, "Natures fist green is gold", that is refering to the begining of th earth and how good everything was before the war started. When it says "Eden sank to grief", the poem is really meaning that the war has started. Finally, the poem ends in "Nothing gold can stay". That last line in the poem is realy saying that the world is coming to and end and nothing good will be left. The speaker of the poem Nothing Gold can Stay is spoken by Robert Frost. Frost's voice in this poem is meant to be universal. The poem is spoken universal because it is telling a story not to or about someone, but about a harsh time in the world. This
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