Analysis Of ' Of Mice And Men '

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Manasi Rungta Mr. Webb English I, 1 5 November 2015 “You Got Me and I Got You” Deep down inside, each person has a strong desire for a companion. Someone you can trust, who you can learn from and teach, but most importantly, one who can always be there for you no matter what happens. The relationship between the intelligent and feeble George Milton and the imbecile, but vigorous Lennie Small is displayed as the main objective in Steinbeck 's novel, Of Mice and Men. The description among these two characters is a form of juxtaposition because the two characters vary in several ways. The author’s intention of using this technique points out the differences between characters and how their personalities counteract each other significantly. …show more content…

As they both begin to converse, it becomes quite apparent that George is the head between the two, while Lennie is the dependent one upon George. This image helps illustrate that George is the parental figure where Lennie is the timid child who is afraid of what is in front of him. This is highlighted when the author says, “Think I’d let you carry your own work card?” (Steinbeck 5). This quote highlights how George acts as the adult figure for Lennie. George knows that Lennie will lose everything because of his asinine mind, and therefore has to look after Lennie’s vital goods. The personality of George and Lennie are demonstrated by the use of different verbs and adverbs. Typically, the descriptive words used towards Lennie demonstrate his absence of maturity. For example, when Steinbeck mentions “dabbled,” “shapeless,” and “timidly,” he is trying to display Lennie’s indecision and hesitation when it comes to dealing with struggles, conflicts, or anything. On the other hand, Steinbeck uses adverbs such as, “sharply” and “gently,” which suggests the fact that George thinks deeply before he speaks or takes action. Overall, the reader is able to surmise, that Lennie still has state of mind where he requires the care of an adult, in this case, George. In addition, Lennie looks up to George as a role model because he believes if he emulates what George does, he will not land in

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