Analysis Of Oscar Pistorius And ' How He Shot And Stabbed His Girlfriend '

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This rationale will explore the case of Oscar Pistorius and how he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva steenkamp in his Pretoria home. I will discuss why I chose to look at this particular case and why it generated so much media interest. I will explain why I used narrative analysis as the media analysis technique and why it was relevant to this particular case. This rationale will consider how the case portrays crime, Pistorius as the criminal, Reeva Steenkamp as the victim and the criminal justice system in South Africa.
I chose to look at this item because the news that Pistorius had killed his girlfriend shocked the world. He was a popular Paralympic champion that had achieved great success at the London Olympics who had significantly changed public attitudes towards Paralympic athletics.
Bordwell and Thompson (cited in Gillespie and Toynbee, 2006:81) define a ‘narrative’ as a chain of events in cause-effect relationship occurring in time and space. A narrative also begins and ends and is similar to storytelling. Narrative analysis was the most appropriate method of analysis because the case involved a chain of events that happened before Steenkamp was shot for example, the first time the couple made their relationship public as well as the text messages they exchanged before her death. Narrative analysis (Gillespie and Toynbee, 2006:82) enables us to tell the story from a particular perspective for example, I considered Pistorius’ version of what happened…
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