Analysis Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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ago is able to manipulate different characters throughout Othello by appearing to be honest and trust worthy, and using this to make people believe what he is saying is the truth. This means that Iago can tell them what he wants, in order to achieve whatever he desires. Simply, Iago is a two-faced character. A very ironic part of the play is when Iago says, “By Janus”, as Janus is a two- faced roman god.

The first person/character is Rodrigo. Rodrigo is blinded by his love for Desdemona and is prepared to try anything to win her heart. This makes him an easy target for Iago, as Rodrigo will do anything to get what he wants, Desdemona. Rodrigo is initially displeased with iago, as he has paid iago to promote a marriage between him and Desdemona, but instead Desdemona had married Othello. However, iago easily restores Rodrigo’s faith in him by expressing his hatred for Othello he says varying words, like ‘despise me I do not’- when Rodrigo asks if he hates Othello. Rodrigo is used for his money, Iago tell his him repeatedly to ‘put money in thy purse’. Even when Rodrigo threatens iago, ‘ assure yourself I will seek satisfaction of you (SCENE FOUR), he doesn’t have the necessary willpower and strength to back up his threats, and instead is convinced by Iago to murder Cassio by “knocking out his brains’. However, iago intents Rodrigo, as well as cassio to ‘live roderigo-. To make sure of this he stabs roderigo after he is wounded by cassio.

Another person manipulated by Iago

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