Analysis Of ' Paradise Of The Blind '

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Concept of Love in Paradise of the Blind As one explores the novel, Paradise of the Blind, the author Duong Thu Huong shows occurrence of the concept of love throughout her novel by manipulating each character to show this through both their actions and emotions. Although the characters are manipulated by the author to show love, it is the interactions between them that show us the deeper analytical meaning behind their perspectives of love. Thus, the concept of love is prevalent throughout Paradise of the Blind as shown through the progression and motives of main and side characters. First, we will explore through the adventure of the trail of love between Hang and Que as we see how it slowly disintegrates throughout the progression of …show more content…

Que begins to take care of him but starts to forget and malnourish Hang until finally Aunt Tam steps in to intervene. After being scolded by Aunt Tam, “My mother lifted her head off the table and looked at me. Her eyes were strange. Puffy and hateful. … From that day, things between us degenerated slowly. I didn’t know what to do, so I tried everything. … First, there was her coldness tinged with irony” (Huong, 188). Through the progression of events, Aunt Tam continuously provides for Hang while Que was not able to provide for her because of Uncle Chinh’s illness. Through this altercation, we see that as Aunt Tam provides for Hang materialistically the relationship and love between Hang and Que starts to disintegrate. Starting from motherly love and the progression to materialistic love and now finally the descent of love between the two. Que feels that Hang looks up to Aunt Tam more than she does to her because she demonstrates a feeling as if Aunt Tam is able to provide better for Hang than Que herself can provide. Next, when Hang meets Aunt Tam for the first time within her life, Hang instinctually feels a sense of the love that comes from that of a father through her Aunt because of their close resemblance. Her initial emotional response was “This voraciousness put me ill at ease. I knew she was my blood, the link to my father. This was the love that had been buried, impossible to imagine” (Huong, 72). This type of love only remained for

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