Analysis Of Poetry Make Something Happen By Audre Lorde

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Audre Lorde was a famous African American essayist and poet. From reading Poetry Make Something Happen, it is evident that she had a powerful voice and was passionate about the work she published. Her work is stylistically refreshing and motivational, making it relevant for years to come.
Stylistically Lorde personalizes and interweaves her experience in Poetry Make Something Happen. She chooses to write this way because it makes her writing relatable to the reader and more importantly her target audience. Additionally, because of its multiple appearances, it is evident that this writing style is part of her philosophy and who she is. It is one thing to write about a topic, but it is completely different when you are directly involved with it.
Audre Lorde lists the groups that she is a part of “I am a Black Woman Poet Lesbian Mother Lover Teacher Friend Warrior,” well aware that she is a representative of these groups. What is astonishing is that Audre Lorde published her essay in 1985, when much of who she was not respected, but that was not important because she was confident proud, and unashamed of it. What is important to notice is that she capitalized the groups she is a part of but the adjectives she used to describe herself, “... and I am shy, strong, fat, generous, loyal, and crotchety, among other things,” are all lowercase. This may indicate that she wanted to emphasize the groups she is a part of rather than her characteristics. Lorde could have refrained from

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